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Leading Malaysia Interior Design Company

With our innovative and inspirational interior design ideas,theroof has served many clients from the residential and commercial sector. We have developed a large client portfolio which has provided us much experience and skills in Malaysia interior design and office interior design. The jobs which we have undergone are certainly enabling us to understand more of our clients' requirements.

Through the projects taken, theroof has built a strong client base. We are consistent in our job of designing by sharpening our skills to offer better services to our clients.

Best Office Interior Design

No matter is it a total revamp of the current interior design or updating the current interiors, theroof is always glad to be of service to our clients. We are in business to bring out the best designing ideas which sometimes including products to bring out the life of your living or working space.

We also have our own studio as a showroom to showcase some of our latest projects to our clients. Our fantastic interior designs help our clients to transform their space to stunning look. Get your extremely inviting interior designs from theroof and make a difference.