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The Roof - The Interior Design Firm

theroof is an interior design firm that caters modern interior design ideas to our clients. Our objective is to provide better living lifestyle ideas by utilizing d├ęcor and spaces. Our company serves clients from the residential as well as commercial sector.

We believe true lifestyle comes from innovative design ideas which are applied to our living spaces. Thus, theroof team of designers put great emphasis on home interior design and office interior design by continually doing research and development on interior designs.

Our Home Interior Design

A well designed and decorated living space at home or in the office makes a great difference to the mood of a person. Furthermore, functionality of the space within the area is also very important. Therefore, theroof is here to assist our clients to make full use of the space within their premises by achieving superb designs to meet with their requirements as well as utilizing the space effectively.

In order to achieve the best design ideas, our dedicated team of designers are well versed with various designing concepts and at the same time establishing good communications with our clients to further meet with their needs.

We pay great attention on every detail of our designs with the aim to gain customers satisfactions through our interior design services.